World Horseback Archery Federation

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そこで私たちは、日本の騎射の研究と紹介を通した国際交流活動を主な事業目的とし、さらに世界の騎射、およびそれらに深く関わるものについての研究と発展に努め、文化的財産として次世代に継承するための環境基盤を確立させることを目指し、日本騎射協会(Japan Horseback Archery Association)を設立するものです。

                               會長 宮川 昇

Japan Horseback Archery Association 

Establishment Purpose

In the 21st century, the effect of accelerating globalization has changed the trend from the conformity of economy, industry, culture and lifestyle into understanding of social diversity such as regionalism and cultural differences.
This indicates that the people are getting increasingly aware that the world’s mutual understanding is essential to realize the true peaceful and prosperous society.
In such age, when we think, as Japanese, “What traditional culture can we offer to and share among the world?”, there is a need to construct the environment which we can work on it.
Therefore, we think our main business purpose is the international exchange activity through studying and introducing Japanese traditional equestrian archery.  At the same time, we try to conserve and develop world’s traditional equestrian archery and relevant matters. In addition, we aim to construct the environmental underpinning for passing them on to the subsequent generation, therefore establish Japan Horseback Archery Association.

                                     President Miyagawa Noboru